"If I go into the place in myself that is love and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and I are truly (in) love, the state of (being) love. That's the entrance to Oneness." - Ram Dass

There are no sides in Oneness.

Natural Mystic

Practice of the Day:

Reclaim your Power.

#TheSelfInquiryProcess :

Are you ready to follow what you’ve always known in your Heart?

Sunday Sunrise:

Forgive us.

US Stands Alone in Vote Against UN Inquiry Into Gaza Assault

War is a crime.

Up Here On the Hill

Up Here On the Hill


When we label each other,

we create the illusion of separation.

Then all manner of evil can be justified.

The Truth Is

We Are One.

Daily Meditation for Peace